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Here’s what’s coming with Capsho NextGen

FEATURE 1: Strategic Marketing Assets, not just AI generated outputs

Capsho NextGen is designed for entrepreneurs who want their content to get leads and clients. 

So it has the marketing strategies from experts in social media, YouTube, and SEO, built into it.

This means each asset Capsho creates for each platform follows an intentional strategy designed to get you clients.

FEATURE 2: Ability to repurpose your guest appearances 

We know you are a thought leader in your space and are not just creating your own content, but also speaking on stages and guesting on podcasts.  

Capsho will help you repurpose your guest appearances into a suite of content marketing assets that position you as the expert that you are.

FEATURE 3: Flexibility to create your own assets

Content marketing is an infinite game and Capsho NextGen will scale with your growing ambitions. 

Aside from creating a full set of tried-and-tested assets for each upload, Capsho NextGen will also give you thought starters from which to create even more assets as well as lead magnet ideas that you can ask it to turn into quizzes, guides, or checklists. 

And yes, it will write landing page copy for your lead magnet too.

FEATURE 4: Custom Tone of Voice

Get ready to say Goodbye to generic AI-y content with Capsho NextGen’s Custom Tone of Voice Learner. 

You can train Capsho NextGen with existing content that is in your tone of voice, so that its starting point for the drafts it creates already has the key elements of your writing style and tone. 

So you can spend less time rage-editing AI words and more time marketing!

FEATURE 5: Highlight Rewrite

As AI needs to be constantly trained and guided, Capsho NextGen will make this an efficient and fun process for you with our Highlight Rewrite feature. 

You’ll be able to make all your edits like refining the tone of voice, expanding certain sections, and shortening others, through chat instructions. 

Yep, no more copying and pasting to ChatGPT for those final tweaks! 

FEATURE 6: Intelligent Learning

Capsho NextGen is first to market as a complete self-learning platform.

It will learn from all the edits you make inside Capsho such as picking up the nuances in your tone of voice edits, how you like to structure your content, and how you like to write.

And it will automatically apply those learnings to the drafts it creates for you.

FEATURE 7: Soundbites Identification, Clipping and Editing

Capsho NextGen will strategically - not randomly - identify the most enticing soundbites from your content AND let you edit and customize them into video clips. 

And not only that, it will also generate an editable caption to post with your edited clip! 

So that you can maximize your reach using short form video quickly and easily. 

And so much more to come!

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Here's what people are saying about Capsho NextGen:

Gloria Rand

Just let me say, I'm doing a HAPPY DANCE 💃 !! From what I've seen so far, I am over the moon! I posted my first Facebook awareness post and have already had amazing, thoughtful comments on it. So excited about the possibilities.

David Brent Dowlen

The outputs have always been good, but this is awesome! I want to go listen to my own episode now even though I just finished editing it. 

The new 4 Post strategy integration is incredible! I could not have hoped for a better change to Capsho. When it was previewed I about lost my mind. 

I am so excited, this is just the beginning of Capsho NextGen and it is already improving the quality of my content and life.

So excited to start posting later today for this week episode, more confident that the captions for my post will meet with my intentions better

Rasean Hyligar

The way NextGen is shaping up, you’re going to put ChatGPT out of business! 
With everything NextGen is going to do for me, it is going to be my new home application! The name actually fits the reality of it!

 Be the next to experience Capsho NextGen.